Always Call 811 before you dig

It’s free & it’s the law

Today, more and more of the utility companies that supply your home with power, heat, water, telephone, sewer, gas and cable television services are delivering those services underground. It’s also possible that these buried service lines are close to the surface, making digging a dangerous proposition. Fortunately, you can find out where utility owned lines are buried on your property with one free call to Alabama 811 at 811 or 800.292.8525. When you make that one call, we will notify our member utility companies of your project and they will locate their buried lines, free of charge.

Always Call 811 Before You Dig

During your call you will be asked a series of questions designed to help pinpoint the location of your project. At the conclusion of your call, you will be given a ticket number and a verbal list of utility companies that will be notified by Alabama 811. This does not mean each member listed owns buried utilities at your job site, or that every utility is a member of Alabama 811. You may want to write down the names of the utility companies for easy reference.

Note: To help the locator pinpoint the exact location where you will be digging, you can outline the area with white paint.

Wait the required time

Alabama law requires that you give two working days notice (48 business hours) to Alabama 811 before your digging begins.
Whether you are a contractor, home or property owner, builder, landscape service, pool or fence contractor or anyone digging into the ground’s surface, Alabama’s damage prevention legislation requires you to call before you dig.
Once we receive the call, information pertinent to the excavation is transmitted immediately to the member utilities. Alabama 811 does not perform the actual locating and marking of facilities. The underground facility operator will locate and mark the location of their underground facility with their respective color code marks.

Respect the marks

Before digging, be sure that all utilities have responded to your request. Alabama 811 will advise you during your call of the member utility owners we are notifying for you. The underground facilities on your property will be identified by color coded paint, stakes, or flags. Once the stakes, flags or paint marks are placed, it is important that no one remove them until the project is complete. You may want to explain to young children that the brightly colored flags are not toys and should not be removed from the ground.